Smile Transformation

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Tim had badly broken down teeth. He was stuck in a cycle where everytime we tried placing a new filling, it would get broken off soon after.

This became a never ending cycle of dental visits and ongoing treatment.

Prior to Treatment

01 TB face

01 TB smile


We changed to look more “big picture” for Tim. We came up with a larger plan: one that would ultimately give a lot more strength and longevity. It took some good planning, a trial phase for the new teeth, and of course more upfront expense, but the overall result is so much better, for strength and aesthetics, as well as functionally.

During Treatment – the trial smile

02 TB face

02 TB. 9th Nov 2015 004 teeth

02 TB smile


During Treatment – Tim’s new crowns

03 TB face

03 TB 3 Aug 2016 002 teeth

03 TB smile


We still have the lower front teeth to complete, but this treatment is stable for now, meaning this next phase can be done when suits him. There will still be routine maintenance such as exams to check all is fine and regular cleaning visits but this will be a lot less work, and more cost effective, than previously.

Tim’s Smile Today

04 TB face

04 TB 24 Aug 2016 003 teeth

04 TB smile


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