How to avoid bad breath

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Nobody likes bad breath.  Being told by a partner or colleague that your breath is less than fresh can be … well, embarrassing.  And it can often have a negative psychological effect, too.  For example, the belief that you have bad breath (real or imagined) can make you paranoid and unnecessarily anxious in social situations; you may even avoid contact with other people — especially at close range.     What causes …

Healthy baby teeth – why they matter

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Parents often say ‘It doesn’t matter; it’s just a baby tooth.’  While there is some truth in this statement, you might be surprised to find out exactly why it’s important to keep your child’s first teeth healthy.  Baby teeth have several jobs, here are just four of them: 1. Speech development Have you heard a child with missing teeth speak?  …

How to achieve a whiter smile

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‘First impressions count’, as the saying goes and one way to make a great first impression is to have a whiter smile. White teeth are great for your confidence. They can also make you look instantly younger. As dentists, teeth whitening is the easiest and least invasive treatment we can offer. In this post we outline the options available for …

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