Kid’s Club

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Our specialised Children’s dental service, for kids’ aged 0 -17.

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The Parnell Dentistry’s Kids Club will introduce good oral hygiene practices as early as possible and make your children’s visit fun and comfortable for them. We cover off all the same things as we do with the standard New Patient Examination with a special price of $128.00!

Each examination is undertaken with our Hygienist Michelle, who is also a trained dental therapist and loves working with and educating children. To start with we get them used to sitting in the chair and opening their mouths – so we can count their teeth! If needs be we are quite happy for our VIP (very important patient) to sit on Mum, Dad or their caregiver’s knee. We may even manage a special ride in our very clever chair. They will get their very own gift bag full of helpful information and freebies to reward them for their first visit!

Benefits to you the parent:

  • Superior dental care provided in tandem with a dentist at a cost-effective rate
  • Complete access to a full range of dental care in one location
  • Oral health education is part and parcel of each visit
  • Direct communication with their caregiver will lead to improved oral health
  • Appointment times that suit you and your child. We have early morning, after school, late night and school holiday options available
  • A full range of preventive therapies are available to ensure your child never needs a single filling
  • We take care of the reminders; your child will not get missed in our system. As childrens’ teeth develop and change so fast, (much faster than adults) we recommend most children see us twice a year for checkups
  • Less fear, greater oral health
  • More fun! Fewer fillings! Less discomfort! No early tooth loss! Prompt detection of problems and advice, and timely referral to specialists should it be required.

A comprehensive initial Kid’s Club visit with full exam, x-rays and teeth cleaning and hygiene education is $128.00


Where do I start? My child has been seeing the school dental nurse?
It’s probably best to begin with a comprehensive new patient appointment in which we can gather a lot of information and get the child familiar with us and the clinic and formulate an appropriate plan for their current needs.


What age is best for my child to start?
No age is too young really, as even a quick 5 minute ride in the dental chair as a familiarisation visit can be a great benefit to build rapport and positive experiences.


So, what if the baby teeth have holes or need to be taken out? They’ll still get their adult ones anyway, so why bother?
Primary teeth are not only needed for aesthetics, chewing and speech but also to hold space for the permanent teeth to move into as the baby teeth fall out. If this occurs too early you can set your child up for problems when the permanent teeth can’t come though as the space has closed.


How often should my child be seen?
As childrens’ teeth are changing so rapidly and problems can develop so fast, our general rule of thumb is to aim for 6 monthly visits, but each child gets a recall suited to their individual needs.


What’s a fissure seal really do?
It seals up the pits and grooves on the tooth to try and stop the bacteria from entering and causing decay in these sites.


I’ve always hated going to the Dentist. Why should I put my young child through dental visits until they have to?
Dental visits can be fun and kids can and do enjoy them. Especially if they have nothing to fear as problems are detected and prevented before they need any treatment. No fillings and drilling can be their reality with regular visits and care.


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