Making your Dentistry Pain free for your wallet.

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Dentistry has been in the news recently for many reasons. A tax on sugary drinks; Water only in schools; Fluoride in drinking wate;, Government funding for subsidised dentistry and so on.

While all these things can have an positive impact on our overall dental health as a nation,  on an individual level the largest concern is often the cost of coming to the dentist, especially if it has been a long time and you think there is a lot to be done. So we often hear patients tell us this fear was the real reason for the delay – not the fear of the actual work itself.

So we want to try and help you make that first step!….

Sometimes taking that first step to get your mouth looked at and a good treatment plan on how to move forward, will be the best initial step you can make for your oral and general overall health.

To try and make this easier for our patients we set up a Healthy Mouth package a year or so ago.

This will ensure you get a thorough check up done and two annual cleans with the dental hygienist, to set you up so all the basics are well taken care of.  If there is other work needing to be done, we can then work with you to find an affordable way of tackling the care needed.

Hopefully once your mouth is all back to good health, the cost to help it stay that way will be much more affordable and less of a concern.

We at Parnell Dentistry truly believe that regular visits make a huge impact on our patients’ mouth health.

We can see things beginning to occur which could cause future problems and we can, with discussion and by educating our patients, aim to prevent what can be costly problems actually happening.

So, don’t put off going to the dentist. It can end up being less expensive with regular visits and there is such a lot of prevention we can do these days. Don’t let problems go undetected and don’t let them grow to much larger costlier issues.

Prevention really is so much cheaper than the cure.