Sensitive teeth? 50% off consultation

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Make tooth pain a thing of the past!

sensitive toothDo you have sensitive teeth? If so, you probably find they become more uncomfortable during summer time. This, of course, is because you’re more likely to consume colder foods and drinks — an ice-cold wine or beer can really ‘send you through the roof!’

Tooth sensitivity is something we see daily at Parnell Dentistry. And it’s the cause of considerable anxiety for many people — even to the point of avoiding their dentists because getting a professional clean is uncomfortable.

It is best to get your teeth checked out, so your dentist can put a plan in place.

At Parnell Dentistry, we understand how uncomfortable sensitive teeth can be, so we take extra care when helping patients resolve their sensitivities.  We often receive feedback about how gentle our dental hygienist, Michelle, is. We aim to make each visit as comfortable and pain free as possible.

So if you’ve been putting off a dental appointment, now is the time to book in and take advantage of our November special; 50% off the normal rate. We will be able to help and advise you on a plan for your sensitive teeth. We’re always happy to help make tooth pain a distant memory and a thing of the past!

$40 for a 20min consultation

(normally $81)