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Are your teeth in good hands?

Imagine having a dentist who cares as much about you as they do your teeth?
We are a family based general practice with over 20 years’ experience, catering to our wide range of clients, starting with our Kid’s Club for our younger patients.
We value you and your teeth and work compassionately to make achieving and maintaining great oral health and attractive smiles a pleasant experience.

We are close to motorways and on the Link bus route and offer free onsite parking and late nights.

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Making your Dentistry Pain free for your wallet.


Dentistry has been in the news recently for many reasons. A tax on sugary drinks; Water only in schools; Fluoride in drinking wate;, Government funding for subsidised dentistry and so on. While all these things can have an positive...

20 years celebration


MAY - 20 years of smiles

Oral Health Quiz


How good are your oral health habitsClick here to take our quiz and find out now.

Let Parnell Dentistry take care of

all your family’s oral health needs.

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to find out how we will work with each member of your family to ensure optimal oral health is maintained.

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