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Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

It is a procedure where the nerve of the tooth is removed and the space filled and sealed.


When do you need a Root Canal Treatment?

When a tooth has had a really bad knock, has been badly broken, or has very deep decay and the nerve has died.


Treatment Options:


Simple root fillings can be done by a general dentist at Parnell Dentistry. Once we have assessed the tooth thoroughly we may recommend a referral to a specialist called an Endodontist for them to either do the whole procedure or complete a difficult tooth.


Care following treatment:

Once a tooth has been root filled discoloration may occur – we often bleach a tooth if this happens. A root filled tooth also becomes more brittle, therefore we do recommend the tooth be crowned following root canal therapy. We will advise what is recommended for your particular case.


Why do we perform Root Canal Treatment?

Sometimes the only way to save a tooth is to have a root canal treatment – the alternative may be an extraction.


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