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Why Crowns Are The Jewels of Your Mouth

Alright, alright, we know technically jewels are found in crowns, not the other way around. But our crowns are truly like little jewels for your mouth. Not only are they strong and valuable, they look great, are worth their investment and stand the test of time. We often get a lot of objections from our patients when we recommend that …


What Your Car Can Teach You About Your Teeth

How often do you check the oil and water on your car? Or what about keeping your car looking pristine and shiny, how often do you wash it? You have to get a WoF every 6-12 months for your vehicle but do you consider your mouth the same way? I can guarantee you do these things for your car at …


Find Out the Real Cause of Your Tooth Pain

Toothache is unpleasant for everyone and is most usually associated with tooth decay. But … did you realise that there are many other reasons why your tooth could be hurting? These include: Cracked tooth Cracked filling Sensitive teeth Tooth decay Abscess Gum disease Non-dental causes such as a pinched nerve or sinus congestion Ignoring tooth pain will not make the …


Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body; New Year, New You

Have you ever considered the impact your oral health has on your overall health and wellbeing? The two are so interconnected but we don’t often make that connection consciously ourselves. It makes sense to exercise regularly and make good food choices to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Yet we so often fail to care for our teeth and gums …


Sensitive teeth – make tooth pain a thing of the past

Do you have sensitive teeth? If so, you know all about how uncomfortable this can be, particularly when you consume cold food and drinks —an ice-cold beer or fruit from the fridge can really send you through the roof! Tooth sensitivity is something we see daily at Parnell Dentistry. It’s the cause of considerable anxiety for many people and can …


Smile Transformation

Suffering on-going problems with broken down teeth, we worked with Tim to significantly transform his smile…


Invisalign: the gentle dental treatment

Uncorrected, an overcrowded mouth, gaps or wonky teeth can cause wear and tear over a period of years.  Luckily there are gentle, orthodontic treatments that can help to bring your teeth back to their best health.  Invisalign® is a discreet, non-invasive way to resolve these issues and prevent further problems from developing down the line.  This clever system will create a …


Whitening cases

Thinking of whitening your teeth? Here are some examples of people that have done it and loved the result!


Want to improve your smile?

See examples of how we can help!


Don’t neglect your gums!

Dental care isn’t just about your teeth. Let’s not forget about the gums in which they sit. In this post, we address the important issue of gum disease. Gums have an important job to do — they anchor teeth to the jaw bone. And when they become diseased, teeth can loosen or even fall out. For us at Parnell Dentistry, …

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