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Invisalign – it’s never too late to straighten your smile!

Are your teeth crooked? If so, traditional metallic braces may cramp your style—particularly if you are an adult. There is an alternative treatment, though, that people will hardly notice called Invisalign®. In this post we talk to Principal Dentist at Parnell Dentistry, Dr Andrea Copplestone, to find out more.

What is Invisalign?

Andrea explains that Invisalign® is a modern method for teeth straightening. It uses a series of aligners that are custom-made for you. These aligners, which are made from special smooth plastic, move your teeth into place gradually based on exact movements planned by your dentist. They are comfortable to wear and, best of all, virtually invisible.

“There are no metal brackets or wires. About every two weeks, you just put in a new set of aligners until your treatment is finished.”

During the diagnosis stage, your dentist will take photos, models, x-rays and measurements of your teeth. Impressions are taken and scanned, and treatment is sequenced using the innovative Invisalign® technology. Once both you and your dentist are happy with a treatment plan, aligners are made for the entire course of your treatment.

“We generally see our Invisalign® patients every four to eight weeks to check everything is tracking and on target.”

Why did you choose Invisalign?

As a general dental practitioner, Dr Copplestone says she encounters many patients reluctant to have braces later in life. Whilst she is able to refer to a specialist to discuss orthodontic options, offering Invisalign is an extension of the cosmetic dentistry side of her practice.

“I offer it to my adult patients who often say to me ‘I am NOT going to do full braces with the railway tracks on my teeth — not at my age!’”

What do you like about Invisalign?

“Well, actually, I’m using Invisalign® myself, so I speak from experience. I’m 10 months into my treatment … they really are invisible. Until I tell people, they don’t see I am wearing the aligners.”

Dr Copplestone says they are considerably more comfortable than the fixed-braces orthodontic therapy she did 30 years ago.

“You can take them out to eat and drink…actually, you must take them out to eat and drink —except when drinking water.”

Brushing and flossing to maintain good gum health is really easy, and Dr Copplestone thinks her gums are better than before she started the treatment. Coming from a dentist, that says a lot!

Some patients find that their teeth are hard to clean when wearing traditional braces. As a result, if they are not thorough, they can be susceptible to more decay. However, Dr Copplestone says the fact that you can remove the aligners makes cleaning your teeth very easy.

A personal perspective

“My Invisalign® is not complete yet. But, personally, I have found this to be very easy and surprisingly comfortable. I am delighted with my results already, and they are not even final — they are going to get even better. I am off to a family wedding next month, and I am going to be so happy with how my smile is — I can even leave the aligner out for some of the day if I want to.”

Find out more about Invisalign here.

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