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What Your Car Can Teach You About Your Teeth

How often do you check the oil and water on your car? Or what about keeping your car looking pristine and shiny, how often do you wash it? You have to get a WoF every 6-12 months for your vehicle but do you consider your mouth the same way?

I can guarantee you do these things for your car at least 10 times more often than you visit the dentist. Regular maintenance on the things that matter most is the key to preventing major issues. Let’s just say, it is a heck of a lot easier to buy a new car then it is to get a new set of teeth.

There are 4 lessons that your car can teach you about your teeth. I know it sounds strange, but once we start exploring the concept it will make sense, so let’s have some fun here! Follow with us.

What’s In Your Grill ?

Your car’s grill stops things from getting inside your car that should not be there. Even harmless things like leaves can be damaging if they are left under the bonnet for too long. Think of your mouth like that grill. It is the filter system for your whole body, stopping the nasties from getting in and causing engine failure.

Everyone’s mouth is full of germs, some of them are good, some of them bad. The bad ones can cause cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. If you don’t take care of this with regular maintenance, then you can lose your teeth. If you neglect maintenance altogether, then gum disease can cause serious medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Scary stuff!

Fill The Tank

You wouldn’t put diesel into your car if it takes unleaded petrol would you? That would be really bad news for your car. The same goes for your own tank. If you don’t fill your tank with the right kind of fuel, then how can you expect your body to perform well? You need a healthy diet of water, fruits, veges, lean meat and grains to run at optimum speed.

Foods and drinks that contain any kind of sugar (and acids) can contribute to tooth decay. Common culprits are soft drinks (especially Coke), fruit juices, beers and the likes of sweet snacks and potato chips.

Tooth decay is one thing, but not eating a nutritious diet can have far worse consequences. If your body lacks good nutrients, it can be difficult for your mouth to resist infection. This can mean gum disease, and we know what that can lead on to!

Regular Checkups – Getting your WoF

You take your car for a WoF to detect small problems before they become major, big, expensive, overhaul problems. But do you do that for your teeth? Swapping a few things as they get old and worn out and such. Do you listen for those grinding sounds & engine knocks from your own mouth? A regular visit to your dentist, and good daily maintenance can prevent many dental diseases, and the need for major dental work.

Service It – Do you kick the tyres and check under the bonnet at all?

You won’t get far in your car without clean oil, brake fluid, 4 good tyres, and water in the radiator. If you want your car to run well, then you need to do regular maintenance on it. The same goes for your teeth. If you don’t maintain them by regularly brushing and flossing, and getting that occasional once over for things that need care, then they won’t go far either. Keep that paintwork that you present to the world clean and shiny.

Without regular maintenance, the average male will lose up to 6 teeth by the time he is 72 years old. Don’t let that be you! Otherwise, it will be harder to eat well, and your smile will be a bit gappy and unsightly!

After all, would you drive with a missing windscreen or wing mirror? And wouldn’t you look sideways, or think less of someone if you saw them doing so?

If you look after your teeth as well as you look after your car, then your smile will be affordable to run and thank you forever.

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