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Why regular visits to your dentist pay off in the long run

Everyone says dentistry is expensive. Well, it can be if you get treatment only once you’ve noticed a problem.

An absence of symptoms does NOT necessarily mean everything is okay in your mouth. Gum disease often shows no symptoms until advanced; tooth decay might not hurt until a nerve gets infected and there is an abscess.

Prevention is better than a cure

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And this is particularly true with dentistry. Delaying a dental check up to save money can result in far more expense if your condition gets worse and results in multiple fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions, replacing lost teeth and so on. It’s like car maintenance — ignoring drops of oil on the driveway or rattling under the bonnet never fixes the problem.

Today, more people get to keep all their teeth for their entire lives. At Parnell Dentistry, this is what we want for our patients. But it takes long-term solutions and preventative treatments.

The benefits of good oral hygiene

It may surprise you, but good oral hygiene can affect the rest of your body.

  • Heart disease — according to studies, oral inflammatory disease can increase the risk of heart disease. This is because extended bacterial exposure, which causes gum disease, can increase inflammation throughout the body.

  • Diabetes — it is known that people with diabetes have more gum disease but now there is a suggestion the converse may be possible too, that gum disease may contribute to a person getting a type of diabetes.

  • Poor nutrition — of course, teeth are used to break down food. So, if pain prevents you from eating properly, you can end up poorly nourished.

  • Low confidence — a great smile gives you confidence. And studies show it can even influence how successful you are in your personal and professional lives.

Get a regular dental check

What’s stopping you from visiting your Dentist? Is it fear of what may be found out? Is it the cost? Are you worried that you’ll be nagged for neglecting your teeth? Okay, we understand visiting the dentist isn’t the most “exciting” proposition — these concerns are common to so many of us. However, we value you and your teeth and want to reduce the hurdles preventing you having the best oral health.

Our approach is to be constructive and look at moving forward rather than bemoan “what if you had just…” There may actually be less to do than you thought, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised your mouth is in good shape. Taking the step to see your dentist can be a real relief — a weight off your shoulders. If more does need to be done than you hoped, there are several options available to make treatment more affordable such as payment plans, Q card and Fee Funders.

Don’t put off seeing your dentist

Don’t put off visiting your dentist because you think everything is okay. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Come and see us for a dental check — we’re here to help you.

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