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Hygiene Recall Appointment

Your regular 50 – 60 minute Hygiene Recall Appointment and is generally undertaken with the Hygienist and as part of that appointment you may also have a General Examination with the Dentist scheduled. If you would prefer to just see a Dentist, we can arrange this, but there will be a small premium to pay for the Dentist cleaning the teeth. Our friendly reception team can help you here.

Good oral hygiene is not only important for your mouth, but it impacts the rest of your body; in particular we are finding more links between oral health and that of your heart. It can also impact the health of those around you too, through kissing it is very easy to pass on bacteria to your nearest and dearest.

Regular checkups can prevent:

  • Progression of dental disease both of the teeth and gums

  • Cavities leading to tooth loss

  • Gum disease and bone loss which can lead to tooth loss

  • Bad breath

​Regular checkups can also:

  • Offer education about a multitude of things we may notice at your visit. E.g. if we see signs of something else occurring such as erosion or dry mouth, we can offer advice and support to prevent further damage and possibly even reverse damage done already.

General Examination

During the general examination the Dentist will:

  • Check the oral mucosa (skin) for any changes or suspicious lesions

  • Check the teeth fully and look for deteriorating restorations

  • Check the bite of the teeth has not altered since the last visit

  • Check and measure the gums

  • As required update x-rays to make sure everything is as it should be in those places we can’t see with the naked eye, especially if we are monitoring some specific sites

  • Arrange a hygienist visit to be completed by either the Hygienist or the Dentist as you prefer.

Call us on 09 379 0709 or book online now!

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