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New Patient Examination

A comprehensive examination of up to one hour with one of our Dentists. During the consultation we will:


  • Get to know each other a little better

  • Listen to any concerns you may have and get an understanding of your past dental history

  • Try to make you as comfortable as possible whilst with us

  • Look at the condition of your mouth holistically. We check on the condition of your skin, the mucosa (skin) in the mouth, your teeth including how your upper and lower jaws relate to each other and your gums as well as the overall aesthetics of your teeth and smile

  • Talk about your current oral health and any dental needs and wishes you want addressed

  • Discuss the taking of an x-ray or a series of x-rays as each patient’s needs dictates. (Often this can consist of four small films called bitewings as well as a panoramic film but we will discuss our recommendation with each patient prior to being taken.)

  • Develop a long term care plan



Hopefully, you will leave a little more informed and on track to good oral health. Call us on 09 379 0709 now!

*If you have had x-rays in the last year and can bring or email them along to your consultation, we may not need to update new ones. Discuss this with our receptionist when you book.

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